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About Me:

I guess, in short, to describe myself, I'd have to say that i'm not really you're average girl. And if you met me, you'd see what I mean. I love music, any type. My favorite bands are All Time Low, Three Days Grace, and My Chemical Romance. I'm a writer. I love to get lost in worlds that that can or.. can't exist. I guess its sometimes better then whats really going on in the real world.. But you all know what i mean, right? I'm a private person, which would explain why I havent put up a picture of me :) And no! Its not because of a creepy, stalkerish reason!! Its just about privacy! I'm an avid reader (which would explain my use of enhanced vocabulary! and my obsession of spelling..) and yes. I have to admit that, sometimes at school i'm called "Vampire Girl" or nerd. Mostly by friends! XD I HATE any attention thats put on me. Being the center of attention is not really what i'd prefer for me. People call me shy, but i'm not! I'm just... quiet! :) Weird, I know! Well..... i guess thats all I have to say about myself..... more then I expected but still! Hope I described myself okay :D


art, crafts, jared leto, kat von d, music, writing

Favorite Music:

All Time Low, My Chemical Romance, Three Days Grace, alex gaskarth, cobra starship, hayley williams, warped tour

Favorite Movies:

Romeo & Juliet, harry potter, juno, nightmare before christmas, phantom of the opera, superbad

Favorite TV Shows:

NCIS, glee, my life as liz, supernatural, true blood, vampire diaries

Favorite Books:

Beastly, Evermore, Harry Potter, The Summoning, Vampire Academy

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